Breaking through the clutter

In this hectic world oversaturated with communication it is imperative to
reach your target thrugh the clutter and keep his/her attention.
Creativity is the key.

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Easy as an afternoon meander

Just give us your goals and clues and decide where you will spend the lazy afternoon...
By the time you come back we'll create drafts you will enjoy to chose from.
(Usually we don't produce solutions in one afternoon but generally, this is how it feels)
It's a metaphor.
never mind.
we are fast and you'll like it.
That's it.

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Beauty is eternal

When you create a great ad or a web page, it will be equally beautiful in years to come.
This is how you know your work is good and that is our goal with every layout we create.

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We are not wallruses

Nabukodonozor is "smedium" sized local agency. We are creative individuals and experts in our field.
Our team is not big but it is very effective. This makes us fast, flexible and easy to work with.
Give us a call if you need something good quickly done.

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Future is bright

We hope we will be a perfect fit for your marketing challenges and that
you will give us a chance to show you what we can do for you.
Sincerely, Nabukodonozor team

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If you wish to make an apple

pie from scratch, you must first

invent the universe.

Nabukodonozor creative agency is dedicated to providing solutions to the clients that need quick results and demand quality as a paramount prerequisite. Whether it is a simple brochure, web service or a complex advertising concept, we can provide high quality solution within any (reasonable) deadline. With core team always at the disposal, we cooperate with many freelance professionals that provide specialised services when needed.

This structure ensures that prices are reasonable, quality unquestionable and deadlines never broken. We deeply understand the market, the client, the consumer, grp-s, media, brands, core messages, brand essence, target audience, psychographic profiles, layouts, colours, typography, internet, php, databases, development, deployment and other fancy keywords.

No Playbacks.

Every solution is an original tune

Creative industry, whether it’s a brochure design, ad or a landing page, suffers from lots of copycat-ing and “drawing inspiration” in the work of others. As a rule of thumb this approach often creates visuals that look all the same and don’t attract attention as they are meant to.

We try to stay fresh all the time, we are driven to create solutions that are truly original and make us and the client proud and happy.

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So what’s on the menu for today?

Generally, this is what we do. More detailed version below…

Creative Solutions

Without creativity, everything tastes the same. Whether it’s a concept, brochure or a simple invitation, creativity is a must.

Design & Advertising

Logos, stationary, brochures, web, ads, posters, layouts, visuals, artwork branding, advertising… love those, enjoy making those.

Web & Interactive

Web pages, interactive applications, online applications, databases, php, calculations, cross referencing… you name it we own it.


Small or big, corporate or entertainment, congress, promotion or a festival… we love events as they are a different kind of challenge.

“It was a pleasure to work with as Nabukodonozor team as they were quick, to the point and created promotional materials that were great. We will work with them in the future for sure!

Leo Merory

CEO, Innovative media

Complete list of things we do

to make you happy and coming

back for more

This is the extended list of our services and competences. If you need something that’s not on this list but is compatible with it – drop us a call, there’s a chance we can help. If you need something else, we will gladly recommend someone.

Miron Sršen, Direktor

Creative Services
  • Creative Concepts
  • Innovative solutions
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Guerilla
Web & Interactive Media
  • Web page
  • Database solutions
  • Online Applications
  • Mobile Applications
Event organization
  • Corporate events
  • Promotions
  • Entertainment events
  • Car promotions

Had some rough rides?

Don’t worry, the summer is coming!

As in every relationship, it takes continuous effort to make collaboration with the client pleasant and fruitful on the long run. At Nabukodonozor, we take pride in our effort and ability to create a relationship that is beneficial, joyful and long lasting.

We are easy to work with, “of course” is our favourite response and our main focus is to completely understand client’s needs and desires so we can make them true over and over again.

Please feel free to challenge this statement.

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Just a few examples of our work…

It is virtually impossible to feature all our work, but please browse through few of our projects that are dear to us. Also, keep in mind that we can provide drafts for your project free of charge so you can see our take on your marketing challenge for free!

A Good Design Solves A Problem.

A Bad Design Will Create One.

It’s no joke. Good design (print, web or database) will solve your problems and make your worries go away. And the bad one is just a waste of time and money. That’s why it is important to work with people that take their job personally and obsessively.

We are those kind of people :=)