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Custom developed Business tools

Nabukodonozor developes, maintains and sells 3 main products targeted for a business sector. Every product is initiated, planned, developed and maintained completely with internal resources and competences.

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Three key ingredients that are a must have before embarking on any Business tool project

Driven by the design thinking methodology, it is imperative to grasp the audience, business goals and industry specifics before tackling any project or product development

Deep understanding of business principles

Having large experience in entrepreneurial sector, we are able to understand user needs and deliver on user expectations

Market analisys

Every project starts with detailed market gap analysis, user needs discovery and user journeys that enable us to successfully target our products

Experience in product development

We have wide experience in working with enterprise level clients. This experience is invaluable when it comes to large scale projects and challenges

Business tools by Nabukodonozor

Invoice manager web application "Pausal PRO"

Invoice Manager is targeted towards the sole proprietorship market with the main comparative advantage being really easy, pleasurable and simple to use by those who are not well versed with invoices and payment management.

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Business tools by Nabukodonozor

Road Trip Manager by Nabukodonozor

Road Trip Manager is a stand alone application created to make business trips easily trackable and to facilitate reporting and trip cost management. Simple and streamlined UX and straightforward functionalities make the product use frictionless and pleasurable.

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Time permitting, take a look at one of these

Medical & Pharma industry

From drug pricing management, appointment scheduling, hospital back office to interactive kiosks for waiting rooms. We have you covered.

Banking & Fintech industry

Millennials are power generation of the financial industry. Better understanding of their needs and desires yields better user experience and higher net promoter score

UX consulting & UI design

User experience and user interface design are critical parts of any successful project in this day and age