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Custom development for Banking and Fintech industries

We at Nabukodonozor are proud to say we are equipped with the skillsets, knowledge, understanding and best practices that rule the three most prominent industries of today: Banking, Fintech and Insuretech.

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Three key ingredients that we find most important factors in Banking and Fintech development

Driven by the design thinking methodology, it is imperative to grasp the audience, business goals and industry specifics before tackling any project or product development

Deep understanding of banking industry

Nabukodonozor consultants have thorough understanding of financial services and underlying business principles that drive them

Thorough insight into Millennial generation

Millennials are power generation of the financial industry. Better understanding of their needs and desires yields better user experience and higher net promoter score

Experience in enterprise development

We have wide experience in working with enterprise level clients. This experience is invaluable when it comes to large scale projects and challenges

User experience evaluation tool for banking internet services and web sites

Nabukodonozor User Experience evaluation tool is created to provide exact and measurable feedback while ensuring the evaluated product meets latest UX standards and best practices

Precise evaluation

UX tool is based on scientific and tested parameters

9 dimensions

UX tool evaluates through 9 most prominent user experience dimensions

Comparable results

UX tool can be used to evaluate against the competitors

Actionable guidelines

The UX tool provide actionable guidelines for improvement

Feel free to check one of these fine choices

Medical & Pharma industry

From drug pricing management, appointment scheduling, hospital back office to interactive kiosks for waiting rooms. We have you covered.

Business tools & products

Road trip manager, "Pausal PRO" bookkeeping and Invoice manager. These are three products Nabukodonozor developed as a stand alone products.

UX consulting & UI design

User experience and user interface design are critical parts of any successful project in this day and age